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Sentinel, virgin, mermaid.

A Mermaid's Heart

Meet Ebby, the siren who won't use her voice. 

After watching her father wither under the mate bond, Ebby will do whatever it takes to help others avoid the same fate. She must remain chaste because giving in to her desire will turn her into a violent, sex-obsessed creature. But when she interrupts a coven of mermaids seducing a human male, her mission to protect him leads to the need to protect something else - her heart.  

A captive human.  

On a lone swim, Cruz encounters a mythical world that isn't supposed to exist, full of savage sirens and underwater magic. All seems lost until an apricot-tailed beauty arrives, one who stirs an unbidden fire in his veins and a strange sense of home in his soul. The other mermaids’ aggression toward her awakens an urge to protect her, even if he drowns in the process.  

An innocent kiss to renew Cruz's breath-spell has Ebby teetering on the brink of ecstasy, drawing her to the one thing she's avoided all her life - a mate. Cruz is strong, clever, and immune to the mermaids' song. Yet no human can be strong enough; the other mermaids are relentless, and he'll only be safe on land.  

Destiny has given her a mate. But will love make her send him away?

Content warning: Explicit love scenes intended for mature audiences.